Feelin’ Myself

first blog post


I warn you now: I may cry, laugh, whine, and say some controversial things, and then tell you I don’t give a shit because this is my journey.
I am young. Mistakes will be made, brokedness will happen, and booze will be had (who doesn’t love cocktail).
This blog is to document the hardships of growing up and being ill prepared for the reality of it. At almost 22 I have had enough. Enough of people telling me to keep trying to look for a job (when I have been looking for months and NOTHING). Tired of not feeling safe as a young woman in my everyday life. Tired of racism hanging over me. It’s the elephant in the room that people tell me to get over, because apartheid has been over for like 20 years (and no, not just white people tell me this). Tired of my fellow black people always pulling the race card to excuse everything. Tired of the government not teaching people the proper history of our beautiful country (read up about the referendum). Most importantly I am damn fuckin’ tired of the cost of life, when some of us are struggling to even earn above minimum wage when we start out in our careers (chefs you are my patron saints).
We leave high school unprepared for varsity, and then we leave varsity even worse off because we aren’t prepared for life AND we have student loans. So talk to me, give me topics that we can discuss. This blog is not just mine, it’s for us to figure out what the hell we are doing to try to “adult”, because it gets interesting when bills need to be paid, and there’s no money for life.
This is me, I have no idea what I’m doing and its damn freeing.


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