Money, money, money. If you broke, i’m sorry

OK so yesterday while I was complaining to Dom (my partner in criminology) about not having my own domain name and instead having to use a domain, he issued me a challenge. Now one things you should know about me, is that if I find it interesting enough I wont back down from a challenge. And because in my lovely ADHDness I tend to forget about things easily or a lose interest pretty quickly he thought himself bloody clever with his challenge. So the challenge as it stands is: I have to post every single day for 3 months and only then can I consider getting my own domain name.

My first thought to this was, “dafuq guy” shortly thereafter annoyance came through. But ultimately and unfortunately common sense and reasoning won out. I have to admit that after a year of our togetherness, he knows me pretty well. So here I am getting less peeved about the situation. But the challenge is making me look at my finances harder than Trump has been trying to convince the world that he won the popular vote. Sure its only 30 bucks to get the most basic Linux hosting from Afrihost and I know you are thinking “WHAT!!! only 30 bucks you cheapo” and to that I swiftly reply with a shut up Fucker, it all adds up.

Money is such a cruel mistress, especially when you aren’t earning any. Between having to pay a completely ridiculous amount of money for a measly 10Gig of mobile data (this is when I think Afrihost is ripping us off a bit) as well as paying for a domain for the content management business Dom and I are trying to start (ok kids, this is when prioritizing the attempt at an income over a personal thing is important). As much as it pains me, I’m saving my wallet from having to painfully cough at its emptiness every time I fork out money for things that aren’t really important.

I’m learning that you really don’t know what budgeting and scrimping is, until you leave your parents house and try to survive on your own. This is when you realise that your partners worryingly severe allergies are more important than going out every weekend (let’s be honest an EpiPen is fucking expensive, which is ridiculous as it is life saving when you start going into anaphylactic shock). Meat I don’t even want to mention because pretty soon the calibre of my bank balance will force me to be a vegetarian (since bacon is not a vegetable we wait for specials) but then again certain vegetables that I like aren’t cheap either and that my friends is how you end up living on fatti’s&moni’s and tinned veg that you only buy on special (but not tinned meat, that shit is disgusting, can it even be classified as meat).

This is me, broke but not out……. and really protein deprived.


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