They let you dream, just to watch them shatter

You know that excitement you get when you are in like grade 10, and you finally get to choose your own subjects? Yeah that, you pick subjects you think will help you achieve whatever career you are planning on pursuing in the future (that is, if you don’t bomb out of high school and get enough varsity credits to actually get in). After about 3 years of almost shitting yourself in exams (if you picked sciences and barely scrape by) you finally get into varsity and then at the end of all of that, you learn one important thing when it comes time for you to start looking for work with your qualification.

Tertiary education aint shit. The older generation lied to us! A degree/diploma does not guarantee work. It doesn’t guarantee a higher pay rate. In fact you will leave college 3-4 years after leaving matric and earn minimum wage whilst the people who left matric and went straight into work, are earning minimum wage plus 3-4 years worth of pay raises. Yay for you and your piece of paper that says you are smart. You are still earning minimum wage and you are probably indebted with student loans. So your tertiary education has in fact put you many steps behind your peers.

Then they say- WORK HARDER!!! I have news for all of you, the people who work hard and are completely honest and really do everything they should- ARE POOR!!!! the selfish assholes who get other people to do their work and focus only on what they get out of everything- They have money and are “successful”. Also, most rich people had rich parents or married rich or worse- screwed someone on a business deal. Rich and successful do not equal hard work and honesty. Also, a tertiary education has Jack shit to do with anything. 90% of the time, it has more to do with skin colour, who you know and how many morals you will throw out the door.

You with your morals and qualification, will probably end up working as a waitress wondering why the fuck you even thought about going to uni. The fact that people my age are struggling to find work straight out of varsity, makes me honestly pity people who are only now entering high school. These kids are so fucking screwed its not even funny, because in 2022 they will enter a system that will curb their chances of finding a job they actually studied for.

Now the hoity toity richies out there might be saying “I will get myself a job overseas”. Which is all well and good, if your family was smart enough to secure themselves a second passport from a better country. If they didn’t, you my friend are as fucked as the rest of us because the green mamba is barely worth cat shit. In a perfect world you somehow get overseas, don’t go to Australia (Because they won’t like your entitled ass over there and you will move back along with the droves of white people that ran there when apartheid ended) Ausies have no fucks to give.

My sage advice as a person who has a qualification, maybe take a look at getting an apprenticeship

because you will probably earn more with experience rather than a qualification, because who knows in 2024 bread might cost 50 bucks the way things are going at the moment

This is me, qualified but jobless… and wishing people would stop buying into this bullshit bullying from the older generation.


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