Of all the trades of living, sure the begging is the best


Ok, ok, ok… don’t get so gleeful you miserable little shit. I DID NOT FAIL the challenge… In my defence it was St. Patrick’s Day and I unintentionally forgot to post. So after a thorough celebration with Dom (because you know, he is Irish) I was forgiven from my blunder. By the way, it was Paddy’s Day yesterday and I know that my people out there were rocking green undies. You go, you freaks you.

But I digress, You know after my last post Dom and I had a chat about it and a point that kept coming was the lack of jobs out there. Mara, why are they so few jobs around these days? I Won’t bullshit and say it doesn’t piss me off a lot when the older generation keeps trying to give us advice about our career paths, and us not working. My favourite has to be when they say “Young people are all lazy”. I see people between 18 and 30 who are working 16 hour days to earn minimum wage. This is the same age at which our parents had careers and children. In fact they had houses where only one person was earning and the other took care of the kids. Now both parents are working and the child is lucky to exist let alone see a parent. This bullshit of working way over the stipulated 45 hour work week is just ridiculous.

So imagine the minority that is able to find a jobs quickly and easily. They are over worked and underpaid more often than not. Then think about the other side of that coin, the ones that are struggling to even find work. One has to admit that it’s fucked up for a country to have so many of it’s own citizens that are qualified but unable to find employment. Of course I will point out that for the government to keep lowering the pass mark like they have been doing is incredibly stupid (but that is a story for another post). But I think the people who get the brunt of the old timer lectures (that are not asked for or wanted) are the ones who in my opinion are the bravest of them all. The ones who dare leave a paying job because of an unhealthy work environment or turn down a job because it doesn’t pay enough.

A few months back Dom and I were the unlucky recipients of the “Why did you leave a paying job” variety of lecture. Now I won’t lie, when that job came last year we were both in desperate need to be in a different place at the time (Home had just gotten uncomfortable and I honestly did not feel safe). But after the newness of the job was gone, we found ourselves working for people who I honestly think belong in jail. We were just unsafe there, hated our bosses (Who from this point forward shall be referred to as Asshole and Cuntface), hated how they treated their staff and after a major accident, an already toxic and unhealthy environment just became unbearable, and it was pretty clear that all of this was impacting our relationship. And yet when we tried to explain that staying there was not good for our health (Or our sex life, but that was not mentioned) and that staying there was an actual risk to our lives we were told we “should have stayed because it paid”. I wont lie, the perks of the job were OK and the view from that place was pretty awesome, dealing with Asshole and Cuntface made it impossible to stay.

Which makes you wonder if the older generation even realises that times have changed, not all of us can just take bullshit for nothing. But the problem after leaving our Killer Jobs, we couldn’t find jobs which was a bit disheartening to be honest. We are both qualified chefs and yet we might as well not be for the luck we’ve had in the job department. While I’m at it, I thinks it’s complete bullshit that when entering a kitchen as a commis chef you earn the same amount of money as a person who has not studied in culinary school because you have the same fucking title in a kitchen. Poof there goes my wasted 2.5 years of pointless college education if I’m being honest.

This is me… trying to navigate this whole growing up business.


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