He likes to call me peaches, when we get this nasty

Question… How kinky is too kinky?

I will assume that if you are reading my swearwords, you are mature enough to read a post about the intimate arts… also known as hanky panky. As much as I prescribe to a motto that I picked up from a book (it goes like “I will try everything at least once, and then a second time to make sure I didn’t like it”. Or something like that.) there are some things even I won’t even consider and some things I just find downright weird.

I recently watched a movie called “The Little Death” those words by the way are a translation of the French euphemism for the big O which is “Le Petit Mort”. I will quickly point out that some of the sexual fetishes that are explored in the movie are what I would call weird if I’m being kind with my words. The fetishes vary from a woman who is turned on by seeing her husband cry, a man who does disturbing things to his sleeping wife (whom he drugs with very strong sleeping tablets BTDubs). A woman who asks her partner to fulfil her rape fantasy and a guy who takes role playing way too far. I personally, would if I could include foot fetishes in the weird pile (but many would argue that BDSM should be included on that list, so let me keep my 2 cents on that).

But I must ask, is it me or a there a lot of weird fetishes cropping up out here. I mean luckily nobody has tried to boink me while wearing a pink elephant suit so far. I guess its only natural progress as we get “older”, we try to explore more and test our boundaries to see what works. On side note I will admit that I’m partly jealous of men and their quick fap and go lifestyle, it is honestly cause for a lot of discussions about sex between Dom and I. He often teases me about the fact that I take nearly fucking forever to get myself off when I diddle the skittle, but in my opinion he can’t be the one to talk because wind blowing a certain way on his crotch gives him a boner (can anyone inform me on why this happens, coz rando boners make me laugh). Dom: “It takes more than that, for heavens sake I am not 12.”

Anyway, to be honest I don’t think I have weird kinks. I have just the middle of the road, on occasion likes to get tied up and needs safe words type of kink. However I do feel like people should encourage each other to explore their bodies and their kinks, in safe mutually agreed upon environments though (we are tired of these people and their sexual complacency). Honestly its 2017, bad sex is just not allowed (wham, bam, thank you mam’s are no longer accepted). Women especially should be encouraged to masturbate more (that is if they want to) I’m 20ish and I am slowly learning how my body ticks because if not now, when? But we don’t often get encouraged to do that sadly. There should be a saying, like “an orgasm a day keeps sexual frustration at bay” or something.

We (the dick on legs and I), “I swear she does really love me.”- Dom, are going to try Tantra soon, because I heard it’s intense and who doesn’t like intense. Because you know its intense, when you go at it so hard you cry after just because your body doesn’t know what to do. Though as much as I think certain fetishes are, interesting to say the least. Who am I to judge (a nosey fucker with nothing better to do) people and their sexual cogs. What works for me does not work for Trudy from down the road.

This is me… feeling good about things… and saying that getting shat on is still gross!


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