Can you pay my bills?

So a goal I wish to reach within the next 2 years or so, has made me really think about money. You know I won’t lie and say I don’t think that life has us screwed. This cage of cash that follows us around everywhere, the world has now been designed in such a way that we have placed so much value on colourful rags (because you know, money is made from cotton).

Nothing can happen these days without money, which is sad because the lack of it leads to a hard road called debt. We are so stupidly focused on what impressions we leave with people that it leads you to do stupid things (like opening an account with a fashion retailer), like a few years back I read an article on a website/ newspaper (I just can’t be bothered to remember) about people that rent their lifestyles. I think it was like at least R30 000 to rent a fancy apartment, a fancy car, fancy clothes (really stupid shit) and I’m like “You stupid little shit”. Am I crazy for thinking that if I had an income so large that I can afford to rent my whole life (and actually not own anything, because why own when you can rent? That seems so much fucking smarter) I would rather be smart and join the van movement.

Think about this, you can’t rent forever and houses aren’t exactly getting cheaper these days. If you are like me, (a recent graduate with no job) you have a very low chance of being able to make an investment like that. To me a converted camper van is looking more and more attractive, because in the end I think it saves you money and it teaches you to be comfortable with living in a small space (let’s be honest, eventually cities are going to get more over populated and that means less living space). Besides if you are going to get a car, why not combine that with your living space. Granted this is not for every body out there, I think younger people should try this because you’re not as fixed on the 1950’s dream of kids and houses. We are not being told that life experience helps, and the amount of travel that you can do because you aren’t tied down with having an apartment is pretty cool.

Just a side note from the Editor in Briefs, Society gives us this pressure with everything in life. Get an education, get a job, get a car, get a house… Get a partner, get married, have kids, have more… All of these are pressures that are unnecessary. These are not rules, these things do not make everyone happy. Just be happy. If you are a crazy camper cat lady, be that and love mittens, fluffy and whiskers with all your heart. Just stop buying into the pressures.

I will be honest and say that for me, my ideal employment situation would be online. Something that would not require me to be in one place for the rest of my fucking life (like jeez). After the employment it would then be followed with us getting a Mercedes Sprinter Van (you know the big as fuck taxi one? Because in my opinion it is the prettiest and most tricked out one out there coz it can climb mountains) and we would convert it to a full time mobile home. I want to have fun, before it’s too late and I start wanting kids (because then I would need a bus and that’s a few more years of money hustle). I wish I could form a cool super hero league of travellers who would join us (because I like people. Not full time though, that would annoy me) as we explore around the country.

But to get to that point is not going to be easy, it might not even happen because life is not cheap. It’s not cheap on time or your energy and most definitely not cheap on living. And the only people who can afford this are mostly retired, I would hate to only start living when I’m too old to really enjoy it. So many people spend their entire lives in only one province, that means they miss out on ever experiencing the other 8. That is a terribly small bubble to live in. So, maybe we should encourage each other to explore, save up with friends and go on epic adventures (nobody wants to be a boring grandparent).

This is me… saying try to live… and a small car is not a sound investment!!

P.S sorry for the lack of post yesterday, Dom (my Editor In Briefs) couldn’t work on the edits as he had a thing to attend. Dom – “Fine, I accept this excuse this one time. We have friends who could have edited this too. I’m fairly sure one of the guys wears briefs so the title wouldn’t change.”


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