It’s my birthday, Its my birthday, I’mma spend my money

So on the 30th of last month was my birthday, and I must admit the date kinda crept up on me. I’m 22 now and I feel nothing about it. But it was an interesting food day. Since Dom and I decided to only go out yesterday, for my birthday I decided that I was going to cook my own birthday dinner. I couldn’t ignore the date completely, so I did a little something. Because I am becoming wise, in the ways of penny pinching I decided I needed a budget. So Dom and I agreed, to doing a 3 course meal but for under a 100 bucks.

Then on Thursday (you know, on my actual birthday) off I went to Checkers to get ingredients. Right off the bat, I had decided on butternut soup because we have all the ingredients already. But when I went to checkers I saw butternut at R5/kg, which is pretty cheap (I prefer to buy a full one because you get the seeds, which are nice toasted). For the mains I was looking at pork belly (I likes the pig) , but I couldn’t find it. So I settled on pork fillet with a garlic cream sauce, which was like R40 for a little over 300g of meat. I also decided to add a green salad and potatoe bake to the mains. All I needed was a cucumber and cream and that was R6 and R14 respectively. For dessert I decided on chocolate brownies, luckily cadbury was a little cheaper at 11 bucks so I bought two 80g slabs. This was around R90, at some point while walking near the produce, I saw some garlic chives. The packet was like R9, but the munch monster had me. So for a second I ignored the chives and got a cream donught for R3.50. The total cost of this includng the plastic bag was R93.25.

The meal was really tasty, I will be working on writing down the recipes (I tend to make things up as I go along first). I should warn you now though Dom and I fucking live for garlic, so I tend to cook really garlicky food. I acknowledge that not everyone is like us, so feel free to adjust as you see fit on that front.

I must tell you, Dom is such a crook. Because I didn’t really know what I wanted to do for my birthday, the shifty bastard suggested indoor trampolining. Which would be fine, if he didn’t have a fucked back. He spent some time, trying to convince me that he was ok enough to do it. A part of me feels bad, but the other part says, I cant say “I told you so” if something happens. So I then declare, I am being a responsible adult by saying nope.

This is me… a year older, but not feeling any wiser.


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