You got a fast car, I got a plan to get us out of here

On Sunday, Dom took me out for my birthday date. We went to this pub (or at least, I would classify it as a pub), which in hindsight was a bad idea. It was Sunday, around lunch time and they had a roast lunch special going on. Now to give you a bit of a picture, about where we live, to be honest it is a beach town that is very intrenched in racial opinions. Which I will be honest in saying, makes things incredibly interesting when you are in an interracial relationship. So we go to this pub, which is almost packed because of this lunch thing. We pick a table outside, Dom and I sitting on opposite sides. It didn’t take long for me to notice, this old white couple sitting a two tables away. This lady sat there and gave me the stink eye, for the better part of an hour (now,since I esteem to being the queen of petty, I gave it right back). The food as ok, but the eisbein was really good and soft. I really like their garlic, cheese and bacon sub.

Anyway, after lunch we fuck off to Dom’s parents house. We stay there for a bit, and when it was time to leave I swear we saw the funniest thing ever. As Dom is about to get into the car, we hear a clank, clank, clank and the unmistakable sound of a car driving on a flat tyre. So we see this car, driving down hill. Dom comments that he knows the driver and he promptly points out, that the driver is “the most fabulously extra gay guy”.Which you know, I could see because this guy is driving down with his passenger and they were both smiling at us looking at them (at this point all I can think is “guy, your tyre is fucked”).They finally made it down the hill, and to their destination, which was the garage.

But seeing that made me think, why isn’t there a school to teach you more stuff that is life relevent? We should be getting taught about changing flat tyres, any basic maintenance on your car as a starting point. Because nobody ever teaches you car stuff, you barely get taught how to drive. I have only changed a car tyre once, but I’ve watched Dom do it. So I can figure my way through that situation, how many “woe is me” damsels are out there and I’m not just talking about women, the number of men I’ve seen stranded on the side of the road, trying to figure out what is wrong with their cars, is a lot. I am too broke to afford road side assistance, so I have to learn this stuff incase i get stranded alone. I will keep saying it until it happens “We need to get taught stuff that actually matters”.

Dom: No body tells you about basic maintenance to cars and it can catch up to you. From one lady pouring oil over the top of her engine to “fill” it, to a car that was completely seized because someone never checked oil or water and it over heated. I have seen so many situations like these and people need to realise that sometimes maintenance costs you an engine and sometimes it cost you a life. A car is a very fast 1-3 ton killing machine that needs to be looked after and driven properly.

This is me…saying we need the “school of life” to be a thing.


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