They see me rollin’, they hatin’

Can we take a minute, to talk about a very big problem that affects our roads. I am, of course talking about “asshole in a white bakkie syndrome”.

You know, I don’t know if being a shit driver is a requirement to get a white bakkie. Or you naturally become an asshole, as soon as you step into your very own. White bakkies are terrorizing, our roads and nobody seems to want to do something about it. Like fuck, if I had a rand for every time a white bakkie, drove in front of me in a way that is very stupid, I would stop complaining about being broke. Fuck sakes they are a terrible bunch. This disease transcends race, class, gender and area code. White bakkie owners are mostly all the same.

I feel like we need to start a support line, for how bad this is. I know, I’m not crazy. This problem affects all of us. Actions of those inflicted include, but not limited to:

  • Pulling out from behind a truck…

  • Ignoring stop signs

  • Rubber necking

  • Going as fast as possible and pushing people out the way

  • Stoping in front of people on the highway when they drive slower than the bakkie deems acceptable

  • pulling out and then dropping to 20km/h

  • Parking in disabled parking

  • Running red lights

This is me… Saying that, its never too late to change your ways.


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