Begging, begging you…

I thought today,would be the day I dedicate my opinion to beggars. Now, don’t think I hate them, because don’t. But I am confuzzled, with the mixture we have in our town. From funny, to downright rude, they are an eclectic mix of individuals. There are four, that we see on a regular basis in certain spots. Because I don’t know their names, for a better picture I will provide nicknames for them. There is The Elder, Potty Mouth, Young Blood and Whito.

The Elder is the one constant, I have seen him for many years in his spot. He is an older white man, who to me looks like he is in his 50’s. The town gossip says he is a qualified electrician, but I don’t know how or why he ended up as a beggar. I find him classy, every day he shows up to “work” in a clean shirt (not always wrinkle free, but clean non the less). You often see him carting his bag on wheels in the morning, around the time of the am rush. Everyday he will put up his funny but honest signs, with words like “I drink, you drive”, while he smokes his weed, sitting in his chair minding his own damn business. Around 5 pm (sometimes later depending on whatever), he packs his stuff up and goes home. Another successful day at work.

Potty Mouth is fairly new, I would wager he came around towards the end of last year. He is a black guy who look to be in his 20’s. Potty Mouth, is a mean asshole. If you don’t give him money, he takes it upon himself to swear at you in Zulu for that. Now I (in my brokedness stricken self) don’t give him money. I don’t feel guilty for it, I give to charity when I can. So I don’t take kindly to some fucker swearing at me for not giving them money. He probably makes more than I do, at this present moment.

Young Blood, is the one that is a conundrum in the group. Every time We see him, he is wearing clean clothes (not a wrinkle in sight), fancy shoes (all clothing and shoes with brand names btw), he looks clean. He looks too well put together. He is a young guy, with ambiguous ancestry who looks to be in his teens. I don’t get his deal, what is his story. He probably has more brand clothing than I do. Which makes me wonder if he is a scammer (don’t pretend you wouldn’t suspect a beggar thats’ too clean).

Whito I have probably seen the least of. He is a white guy who looks 30ish. He’s one of those weekend and holiday beggars. This fits the theme of beggars that crop out, from nowhere when out of towners come.

The way things are going, I might end up taking up begging. I will work 3 days a week, but somehow I will make rent money. It seems like a really lucrative career.

Dom: You forget about the pipe dweller. This guy lives in an old storm water pipe just near my parents place. Has been there since I can remember. He used to have a “room mate” called “Fire face” By the locals. Pipe dweller eats out of the bins at a local mall and never truly begs, but always has people giving him food and water anyway. He also recently came into some new clothes. Fire face sadly died when I was around 12. The locals say his face was burnt in a fire that killed his family and from that day on he just wandered the streets till he found the pipe dweller. So, not exactly beggars, but deserve recognition for always finding food, water, shelter and clothing without scamming or stealing.

This is me… thinking about a career change.


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