Cry baby cry, make your mother sigh, she’s old enough to know better. So cry baby cry…

I know this is London’s blog but right now mine is useless to me and I need to get something off my chest. I have a weird past growing up in both black and white worlds. To be honest I have seen them change and become what is now downright ugly and evil. I also spend a lot of time around old people, by old I mean they raised dragons as pets.

We are not so different. Yes, white privilege exists and no I am not pro-apartheid. In fact the only segregation I believe in is that of Rum and raisin and ice cream… It isn’t a flavour but a torture. The SANDF, which my father and uncles served in was a tool used by a government to establish fear. It took innocent boys, brain washed them and messed them up. MK, which I know 3 members of, was a tool used by a radical organisation of terrorists to establish fear. It took innocent boys, brain washed them and messed them up. All races where shuffled around as per government requirement with no compensation. All races where forced to adhere to curfew and strict bans on everything from porn to music. The main influences of peoples lives were used to effectively instil an “us vs them” mentality not in those who were adults in Apartheid but those who were children. The influences being, Religion, Education, Parental guidance, Media(SABC was seriously controlled), and Society(Mostly by means of brainwashed and psychologically damaged men returning home from SANDF or MK and preaching to their kids). The control was so strict that people needed dog licences and bicycle licences even as children in order to have them.

Our biggest trouble today is the White people brainwashed in the past who claim the crimes of Apartheid directly. “When WE ran this country” one idiot piped up recently and I could not hold my tongue. White people of SA, I say to you now “You can not say you ran this country, You did not. You were idiot voters in a corrupt system, who not only were too busy bootlegging Elvis and getting stoned, but were far too busy at hat and t-shirt parties getting horridly drunk, to have ever RUN anything. Well, other than your clapped out VW beetle that you parents gave you. When you say WE RAN this country you are admitting to a crime that frankly you only abetted and badly at that. You are saying I ROBBED A BANK, when you merely opened the door for the robber and got a few bills thrown your way as he ran out the door. Then when the black people of this country turn around and wish to skin you alive as a consequence of your confession you are confused? If it was your bank that as robbed, would you not do the same? The only thing you DID do was vote in the referendums to end the war and end segregation. Very few of you actively opposed your privilege and even fewer questioned it. I can understand the fear of a government who can do as it pleases, I currently live under one, but you could have used your brains instead of frying them with drugs.” If this continues, we will have more deaths and fewer steps towards true equality. The ANC, who revel in death as we see by their past, present and potentially future actions, are currently sitting back and waiting. Their prodigal son Julius is pushing for death saying he will be it’s benefactor.

White people did benefit, but they didn’t have the freedoms they have today. They were also horribly brainwashed, much like today’s youth and were never taught to think. The saddest of all tragedies that becomes more prominent everyday, children never taught to think. I can honestly say the Afrikaner was not the master-mind of Apartheid. I met FW Deklerk, they(Afrikaners) are quite honestly idiots and faces for a much uglier monster. A monster you will find again and again when looking back in history, A monster who even today guides our media to see it as positive, as it rapes our country. A monster who has been raping the world for centuries. I speak of England and it’s royals. The reason a country so small with no resources is one of the most powerful is simple- it takes from others and makes itself fat. The English were the first to issue Slavery laws, the first to issue segregation and the first to benefit from all the evils of colonisation and Apartheid in SA. The reality is that England colonised many countries, but very often it sent commanders who actively wished to find new lands and exploit them and thousands of men who would rather have been able to sleep next to their wives and sit with their children at breakfast. Those thousands of unwilling and often untrained men are the fathers of SA’s white citizens. England robbed my family of it’s heritage 12 generations before it chose to send them here, now 7 generations later my heritage is so foreign I do not consider it mine. SA and all of it’s native peoples; from the San who frankly were here first, to the Nomadic tribes who immigrated from the North and thrived; you are at those first stages of being robbed. Anger is normal. You have woken up to the fact that the dream sold is not the one being had and you are opposing it. Not only the dream sold by the ANC but the dream sold by colonisation. You are slowly reclaiming your heritage and you are fighting the corruption and evil within the ANC. I ask you only to consider that many white citizens despite their privilege wish for the same except for them it is too late. The bastardised “culture” of whites in this country is a complete mix of many cultures stolen out of confusion and a complete loss of their own. I ask you not to pity them, but to educate them rather than kill or attack them. Believe me I know it’s difficult and I myself have been banned from many places for resorting to violence against some racist dick. Essentially colonisers taught the white that the black took their culture and the ANC taught the black that the white took their culture. Both are false. England westernised both and yes white people came here as foreigners and were part of the armies, but they too are in pain. They will never again have their cultures, traditions and homelands. This is all they know now. South Africa is the only home these kidnapped children with severe Stockholm syndrome have.

I must add, I agree with Zille on one thing, not all of Colonisation was bad. Before you crucify me.. Without colonisation of this country and it’s harsh history, I never would have met the absolutely phenomenal people I have met such as Siya: One of the most intelligent and downright attractive people I have ever had the honour of knowing. And London: The most attractive and absolutely awe-inspiring person to ever have graced me with her presence. And Nombulelo: A woman without which I never would have become a somewhat reasonable human being. Her strength and kindness will forever be with me. My family right back in history, were farmers, mechanics, basic labourers, etc. They never would have had the funds to travel here. I would have been trapped in Cork County, Ireland. Probably becoming a sheep farmer. So, I thank the history for that singular opportunity to meet amazing people and I suppose to see this country, which despite it’s government has good people and is absolutely breathtakingly gorgeous from coast to coast.

This is me a white skinned, mostly hated, somewhat intelligent creature who is trying hard to understand the truths I see. No white tears, merely sharing what I have seen from the belly of the beast. We share psychological scars that will take many generations to heal.


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