What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

Oh the horrors, the horrors, of supermarket and certain hotel kitchens.

Ok, so during my (fucking long) stint in culinary school, we had to do industry training (sometimes paid (often not) internships). In the 2.5 years I was there, about 12 months was spent in industry. So it’s safe to say (since I have been in about, 6 diffrent establishments in the last 3 years) I have been in a few kitchens.

Because of all the supermarket kitchens I was in, I am now very weary of supermarket food products. When you go to culinary school, you get taught (or at least are suposed to be taught) things like kitchen safety, HACCP, all manner of things that have to do with properly storing food and cleaning your work arears. Things that basically make sure you don’t fucking kill people. So you aren’t just taught “how to cook” as most assholes say. But the majority of the people who work in the food service industry are not trained in culinary school. So you can imagine what a huge problem that is. Food was left uncovered, things in the fridge weren’t dated or labeled. The stuff they make your bread and desserts with, is unsavoury and thats putting it lightly (they once made a sponge from convenience products, and it was as hard as a rock after a few days of being left out in the kitchen). One place, never changed their doughnut frying oil in the months I was there. They also sold this baked product, it was made up of all the old stuff that didn’t sell that week. They barely clean the kitchens (they don’t even know such a thing as deep cleaning exists), I actually have no idea how they passed inspections (health inspectors aren’t very good at their jobs).

Of the 2 hotel kitchens I’ve been in, the one ( a very over priced place in a froofroo town) didn’t even have some basic ingredients and they were using the same chocolate I had been working with in the supermarkets (cheap, nasty and shitty over processed shit). The other (a well known chain hotel) I was in for a while. In the month-ish time I was there, I never once saw them clean the floors other than to mop up some spills. They cleaned the nasty ass mop, they used to wipe their nasty ass floors, in the same sink they rinsed seafood and salad vegetables in. Again not once did I see them clean that sink that they rinsed seafood and vegetables that were being consumed raw in. For the breakfast buffet, they cooked the bacon and moved it out to the front. That bacon was brought back (after hours of sitting in a hot place) and placed on top of the oven (bare in mind that this is around 11 after breakfast) only at the end of the day around 5 was it placed into the walk in fridge. It would then be served the next day. As far as I know only one guest complained of severe food poisoning. Most of their kitchen staff as far as I knew weren’t qualified chefs or trained at all.

Now on the other side of the coin, while I was doing indutry training in my first year, I worked for somebody that was a trained chef. It’s not all roses there either. They once served off stew, that they had made for a big event. The vegetables, had gone mushy and tasted off. They fished them out, cooked some new vegetables and mixed it together. They would also frequently place cooked meat back into the raw marinade (that’s including chicken, it was fucking gross). Also most establishments, make you work longer hours than your shift (hours which you are not paid for might I add).

Dom: PREACH!!! Ai Orange crunch and MacSponge… The food industry needs a union and new inspectors.

Thisis me… saying bad bosses must fall…and think twice about where, you choose to eat.


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