I’m going ham!

So yesterday we had dinner with Dom’s parents. His mother rudely decided that I was making dinner for them (because I cook like a G). We quickly got over the rudeness because free (you know I love that word) meat!

Don’t laugh but, for fuck sakes meat is so expensive. Ngeke! Red meat, is not even in our diet right now. I actually found myself craving chicken a few days ago, but I’ve been bummed out about the current chicken situation. What on earth happened to Farmer Browns chicken? My chicken brand has disappeared!

Anyway, we actually did a happy dance because we got to eat a different protein (pork gets tiring after a while). I am beginning to understand the appeal of being a vegetarian. Veggies are a lot cheaper than meat and beans are the bomb.

Dom: I nearly cried tears of joy to have red meat…

This is me…saying appreciate free meat (that shit is expensive!!)


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