If you don’t like my fire, then don’t come around

You know what grates my titage? Those fucking stupid adults, that don’t strap kids in.

I can not even count, the number of times I have seen that. I don’t know, if the people in this town are stupid or uneducated. The number or times I have witnessed, kids standing in the car. Both front and back seats. More often than not, the driver is smoking or drinking or using their phones.

This shit makes no sense, people want to be irresponsible like that. But they become woe is me people when they get into accidents and their kids get hurt. Why does it take bad things happening, for people to actually give a shit about safety. I find it incredibly hard, to have sympathy for people like that. As the adult, you should be aware enough to ensure the kids safety.

Instead of ending up as a cartblanche special, you should be advocating and being serious about it now. On these roads you can afford to be stupid like that, there are too many shitty drivers.

Dom: I saw what happened to a 2 week old baby that hadn’t been strapped into a baby chair properly when an accident occurred. Finding a tiny cold lifeless body tangled in the rails under the seat makes your heart-break and your rage-meter hit red all at the same time. Few people see these horrors before hand so they don’t get it. An innocent life ripped so carelessly from this Earth purely because of parents not wanting to be inconvenienced… such waste is evil.

This is me…being pissed at irresponsible parenting…and calling them out on it.


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