I been there all night, I been there all day

So with the beau’s opinion, I’m going to chat about a fond memory of ours. This was last year, around the time of our patisserie course internships. We didn’t need to go into work that day, but our body clocks were used to waking up at 4am (because you know bakers, keep incredibly unhealthy hours in my opinion). Because we were awake, naturally (because Dom is a horny bastard lol) we started making out. Making out, led to clothes being taken off and then that led to (you guessed it) fucking.

As it started getting fully bright outside, our stomachs demanded attention. So a break was taken and we ate, went outside and had a smoke break for a while (yeah most chefs we know are heavy into drugs, smoking or fucking. All just to deal with stress and the demands of the job). The break was quickly followed by a shower. No you dirty mind, nothing happened in the shower (I had braids on, and you must know). Honestly, we weren’t even completely dry, before we started trying to go at it again in the bathroom.

At this point, we didn’t even bother getting clothing because, we seemed really determined to not stop fucking. We then proceeded to move the mattress from the spare bedroom, to the lounge (um because T.V and aircon…it’s Durban people). We started playing around with sensory deprivation after this (bondage, gag, blindfolding and earphones…we had a fucking playlist). It was getting dark outside, and we decided to take another break. We made dinner and had another smoke break. We fucked like rabbits that day, to put it bluntly. We didn’t stop until cartoon network started playing weird shit (the T.V was on the whole day) and I looked at the time. It was around 10pm and we realised that we had spent about 18 hours doing hanky panky. I often wonder if that day was a fluke, or can it be done again. But I would aim for 24 hours this time (and hope we make it). Many small breaks were taken and a lot of Oros was consumed that day.

I would recommend a lot of people ( who actually like having sex) try this. I am declaring it good for the soul.

Dom: yeeeaaahhh…… good times

This is me… thinking 18 hour sex marathons are good for me… they are fun too!


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