You’re not easy to love

As I get older (note, I did not say “grow up”), I find these unspoken rules, we set for ourselves in new relationships really funny. The longer you’ve been with someone, the more these rules naturally get blurred. It is understandable though, you don’t want to chase the other person away with your grossness. I mean when you begin dating someone, burps are kept to a minimum, farts are held in (this is really not good for you) and you suddenly become a ninja expert in silent fragrant pooping.

Those rules, come with not knowing somebody. In the beginning, you want to impress, you want to seem as close to put together as possible. That shit flies out the window, when you move in with somebody. This is the stuff you never hear about. When you start to live together, you discover that your person could potentially eat you out of house and home (damn testosterone). You might suddenly be told that you snore (I am still disputing this claim, as there is no proof).Dom: I have a voicenote. Privacy in a bachelor apartment is a foreign concept. There are certain things that just can’t be avoided (especially when your bathroom doesn’t have a door… 2am diahorrea episodes, but I’m not allowed to say). Dom: I as mad ill and tried not to wake anyone…

The more time you spend around someone, the more oyu get to know their habits. Dom is very particular about his shower routine (eat first and then shower, both in the morning and at night), I find it a tad silly but I can’t say that (oops). Dom: I plead Autism. Apperantly, I become a kicker when I sleep (still no proof). Dom: Bruises on my legs sat otherwise. But all in all you get to learn what makes a person who they are. For instance Dom’s farts could potentially be used in bio warfare, yet I get a high five when he hears my farts (I’m the silent but violent type). I burp better than I fart though (if it’s any consolation). Dom: Seriously violent. Heaven forbid we both fart, small creatures may die.

This is me… saying love makes you crazy… and Dom’s farts are toxic but I love him!


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