Never feel too good in crowds

I have been MIA (not cool London!!), but in my defense Dom had a family emergency that I was helping out with. The whole week was filled with very little sleep, a lot of cooking and too many people around me (I’m not that big into socializing most of the time).

Dom: A death in my family, London has been amazing.

It was a very busy week. But thankfully, all that is over with now and we can get back to normal. The weather today, reflected my mood to a T. It was incredibly gloomy and rainy (one of those very few cold Durban days). Because the weather was not so nice, I couldn’t take my daily walk around the block. I have nothing to bitch about at this moment (which is rather disappointing because the weather was perfect for it).

Although I will take a minute and mentally flip the birdie to our next door neighbours. These fuckers finds it necessary to stink up the place in the wee hours of the morning with smoking. I have no beef with them doing it, but they must fuck off and stop spreading that gross smell to us.

Dom: FML, Fek the neighbours, Fek everyone who annoys me, I am peeved at everything. The neighbours are only alive because London wont let me poison them.

This is me… house bound, not bitching… and thinking weather appropriate thoughts


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