We’re all fighting growing old

This shitty cold weather, has me feeling very nostalgic. Growing up, I lived with my gran, a couple of cousins, a few aunts and an uncle. So as you can tell, it was a full house.

I remember during the weekends, when the weather was miserable like this. The younger kids would be woken up (myself and a few cousins close to my age, I was around 8/9 at this point), we had to go bath, and the after getting dressed we would get fed. It was a simple meal of bread and jam (more often than not, but I still do like jam though) and a cup of milky tea. The tea was always my biggest problem, in this arrangement. It would be 5 roses, or trinco and I loath black tea (I still have nightmares about this). I am a die-hard rooibos fan (no I don’t drink it with milk, that’s disgusting). After eating, we would go back to sleep.

But alas, as an adult (and it’s during the week lol) I can just do that. Because firstly, I wake up before Dom (hours before in fact, lucky asshole) so there goes the whole being woken up thing. Secondly I’ve gotten fancy now, I like jam and cheese sandwiches. And finally I think Dom would look at me like I’m crazy, if I said I want to do this, because of previously mentioned reasons. But this weather makes me miss being young, and I’m not even old yet.

Dom: I had to work in the rain today… just saying… as the lucky asshole in this equation.

This is me… missing the easy days… and still on a warpath against black tea.


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