Who let the dogs out

I really don’t understand how Dom and I, have had such bad lack in both places we’ve rented in. Both these places have a small, crazy brown dog common.

In our first rental place, there was this ambiguous pavement special breed of a terrorist dog, we lovingly named “Skippy Dog”. Skippy Dog is fucking crazy, it tried to bite us. Everytime we were leaving, we had to first check that it wasn’t by our door (because all their dogs, had access to the area our door was in). Once we had seen that the coast was clear, we used to run out the small gate to make sure it didn’t chase us. All in all that dog was a cunt of note.

In our current rental place, there are a lot of people on the property (the property is quite big). And some asshole has this asshole little brown dog. This one also looks like another pavement special (do you see this pattern here). This little piece of shit, tries to bite us everytime we go out the gate. The owner does not appear to be interested in training his dog. This pisses me off, because they aren’t supposed to have pets. I mean, one renter has a cat (only the owner of the property is supposed to have pets).

Dom: I have no issues with pets, I have had many strange ones including chameleons and a duck. I never had an aggressive pet though. My pets were either docile or trained. These aggro mini dogs are quite annoying. Trying to convince some evil genius scientist to make a pot-bellied elephant so I can have one.

This is me… saying PHANSI with people and their rabid dogs… and I still find cats creepy.


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