This is how we do

Dom and I, have been extremely naughty. We both forgot our anniversary this month. Granted, it was on Monday. And with the funeral last week, we hadn’t settled back into our routine yet. The 24th just passed us by, it wasn’t until yesterday that Dom mentioned what we had forgotten.

From this debacle, you can see that the monthly anniversary is no longer a thing with us. But the 24th of next month is the big ONE! I feel bad, but then he forgot as well so not sorry (he isn’t here to edit, so now I’m just kaking on him haha). So for the big ONE pizza, herb and anniversary pomping shall be had (we like simple). I can’t wait, to flip the birdie at the fuckers who doubted us lasting this long.

This is me…being a tad lazy… but still having to post.


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