9I am getting more and more pissed off at Afrihost. They are just not on. we joined them because I heard that they were a really good internet provider. What they should have fucking said was “they are a really good internet provider… only if you have adsl”. I pay a fuck ton more for a lot less internet and a crap network for my portable wifi.

I really don’t understand, why my quality of service from them is so shit. I pay about R347 for about 10.5Gigs of data. A person we know pays about R297 for what was meant to originally be 50Gigs and because of all these nice perks (like spinning the wheel to get free data if your internet has been down) that people on adsl get. They actually receive about 140Gigs of data a month. Last night I couldn’t get my internet to work, so I was unable to post. And that pissed me off.

This is not the first time our internet has fucked out, I think it’s absolute bullshit that adsl and mobile clients get such different experiences. It’s not like we get this shit for free, so I would really appreciate it if they would pull their thumbs out of their asses, and fix this fuck up. I don’t give a flying fuck, that they have to give me my internet via MTN. That is not my people, I just want a decent experience.

This is me… saying, fuck companies that are inconsistant in service.


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