Why you gotta be so rude

You know, I have now decided (the writing has been on the wall, for a while on this one), that our neighbours are such cunts.

We live in a (for lack of a better description) DIY duplex. And let me tell you, every time water is being used, you can hear it in the pipes. We share a geyser with another flat. So you can imagine how much fun that is, when you are taking a shower. It can go from a pleasant temperature, to burning you like the embers of hell or freezing your balls off (Dom said that, I don’t have balls). Oh and it is so much fun to be woken up at 2am because some jackass decided to flush their toilet. To make matters worse, you aren’t supposed to smoke in the apartments, but our lovely neighbours pay no attention to such rules (Dom has asthma, so this is really fun to put up with).

Don’t even get me started on the parking situation, and the amount of domestic drama that we hear just don’t.

This is me… saying fuck these inconsiderate, inconsistent neighbours.


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