Guess who’s back, back, back

Yes, I am very much still alive. For the past week, I have been having some eye issues. My left eye was experiencing, very extreme light sensitivity. My eye was so red, and itchy. I couldn’t even look at my cellphone, without my eye starting to water (although I must confess, I was very naughty and I did look at it, for a bit anyway). I’m slightly embarrassed, that this happened (Dom and I think, that I overdosed on eye drops and that caused this)

And because this wasn’t enough for the universe, 3 days ago I got herpes too (I have a fucking cold sore). This shit is so itchy, like what is it with me getting things that make me itch.

This is me…saying its been a long week and winter (or just slightly cooler summer) is finally hitting the 031


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