I found something, in the woods somewhere

You know, every time this happens to me, it cements my belief about emotional music readiness. In 2015 I received Hozier’s album. And for the longest time, the only song to I listened to was “Take me to church” (Dom: On repeat, full blast. That is, until about a month ago.)

I was listening to my music on shuffle (because when you have close to 1000 songs on a folder, some things just get missed) and “To be alone” popped up, I was in love. The lyrics, although sounding very beautiful with the backing music. When listening to the words being spoken, you hear the complex hidden emotion it has (Dom: Thank God for earphones. Repeat all you want love.). I told myself right then and there to make a mental note (that I promptly forgot right after, because I only listened to his music today) to listen to his album.

Today I discovered a new song of his (well not new, just new to me). “In the woods somewhere” spoke to my high soul, in ways I wasn’t ready for. It’s that type of song, that you hear something new on every time you listen to it. I am hooked. I did give the rest of his album a go, and it didn’t really do it for me. But then again I’m used to not liking most of the songs on any album.

This is me…saying this artist speaks to my soul… well 3 of his songs anyway.


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