Couple wet wipes, incase a bum try to touch me

Today, I went a bit weird. Recently, I’ve been trying to get Dom and I as waste free as possible. While we aren’t just motivated by living clean for the planet, this might just be great for our wallets too. We have already been using our own homemade toothpowder, we even  dabbled in making our own deo powder. 

So one can imagine, that eventually I would find out about ‘family cloths’ (aka reusable toilet paper). Lets be honest, toilet paper isn’t cheap. Besides it’s not exactly helping the planet either. After rifling through our cache of (here comes one of my favourite words) “free”fabric, I found the right kind of material. So the day was filled with putting together the cloths (because it has to be sewn). Using fabric to wipe after going to the loo, is going to be interesting to say the least.

This is me… Being a rebel with a cause, and learning to like it.


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