I’m not one to blow smoke up any bodies ass, bacon is my first love and admittedly its also the reason why I first got PHAT *finger click* lmao. I am a weirdly wonderful millennial with a deep appreciation of purple, who hates texting and is trying and failing to fight a love of coffee (Dom its not an addiction) but then I get too sleepy so I proceed to give up on that notion. I’m learning about life one barker & smith pizza special at a time and strangely enough loving it. But as I get older I am starting to realise that life (grumpy old people) places different expectations on us as young people. I have a bad potty mouth and I am ok with that.

Cooking is my second love, so at some point expect things to get food weird and look forward to a recipe or 10.

I love to talk about topics that make people participate and share their views on life and how broke it makes you. I also strongly support legalization because not only does that beautiful plant have a bad rep, it is incredibly versatile and its health benefits demand that it not be ignored.

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